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I decided to try hypnotherapy after countless amounts of CBT for anxiety and anxiety related disorders. Steph is amazing and made me feel so at ease, I felt much more relaxed after even just a few sessions. She taught me about how the mind works and how to stay positive, and I can honestly say it has changed my life! Leanne Bressington 5*

Thank you so much to Steph for helping me to quit smoking/vaping. It has been 9 months now since I had my session and I have not even felt like I need my vape. Here's to a healthy future! Ben Brown 5*

I can't recommend Steph enough. I contacted her because over the last few years I’ve started to struggle more and more with a phobia of flying. I can’t believe the difference the sessions with Steph made. I slept well the night before...no having to force myself on to the plane. There was a little turbulence during the flight (my biggest trigger) and I remained confident and comfortable. I can't thank Steph enough. I love to travel and now feel far more confident making plans. Lucy Cartwright 5*

I have suffered from severe anxiety since around the age of 19 (I’m now 34). I had tried many different ways/techniques to try & get rid of it but nothing would shift it. It got at its worse post having my son and I just hit rock bottom - I didn’t even want to get ready for the day. Since having only 7 sessions with Steph I feel amazing and like a weight has been lifted. I can focus on every day life tasks now and I am not consumed with worry that something bad will happen. I cannot recommend Steph highly enough. Claire Cox 5*

Stephanie Waters is AMAZING! She helped my daughter through anxiety and mental blocks with her gymnastics. Life is stressful but there is an escape. Thank you Steph. Lorraine 5*

I thought I was beyond help & a complicated client due to my vast issues. I have a condition called Fibromyalgia which causes chronic fatigue, pain & sleeping problems. I also suffer with stress anxiety & low mood. Steph made me feel comfortable & at ease in her care.

After a few sessions, I can hand on heart say she has changed my life. I would be lying if I said I am fine and never have any issues, because I do but not only has Steph helped ease my issues she has also taught me how to cope going forward. I am in less pain, I can actually sleep..my confidence has shot up and I am generally happier. Hannah Swanborough 5*

My life is good..I don't really have much to complain about..BUT, sometimes life gets you down and things start getting overwhelming and a downward spiral of negative thinking commences. I started seeing Steph a little while ago now and she is my little sparkle of positivity to keep me on the onward trend rather than down. She has taught me to manage my negative thinking. I have now reached all the goals I have set. I can't thank you enough. Victoria Knowler 5*

Steph is warm and welcoming and put me at ease instantly. After seeing her for 8 weeks I feel much more confident and now approach each day in a positive way. She has given me the knowledge and techniques to enable me to keep on the right track. I would absolutely recommend her to help you too. Nic Wood 5*

Without the help of Steph and hypnotherapy I would not have been able to cope with a shocking family event. My anxiety was gradually getting out of control and within one session I was able to cope with the situation and turn the negative into positives. Thank you very much. Joanne Beale 5* 

So much has improved in our family home. I booked myself in for the consultation and from that moment I knew that it was going to work. I had six sessions, one a week and Steph is just so easy to be around. Each week I felt better and better and so much more positive in myself. This treatment I just wish I had years ago..I go to bed smiling and wake up looking forward to each day. I've overcome so much..I can honestly say it's the best investment I've ever made in my and my children's life. Estee Creed 5*

I had been struggling with sleeping for months due to stress at work. I had tried multiple other options and none had worked, I was extremely sceptical of Hypnotherapy but agreed to try it out of desperation. After only a few sessions and listening to the recording every night for a few weeks I am now sleeping with no issues whatsoever. This has made an enormous difference to my life and I would highly recommend this service to anyone who struggles to sleep or is letting stress get the better of them. Anonymous 5* 

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