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I happened to (thankfully) cross paths with Steph not initially knowing that she was a hypnotherapist and it was like fate had brought me to her. I have suffered from severe anxiety since around the age of 19 (I’m now 34) I had tried many different ways/techniques to try & get rid of it but nothing would shift it. It got at its worse post having my son and I just hit rock bottom - I didn’t even want to get ready for the day it was that bad but since having only 7 sessions with Steph I feel amazing and like a weight has been lifted - I can focus on every day life tasks now and I am not consumed with worry that something bad will happen. I cannot recommend Steph highly enough and I can’t thank her enough for helping me overcome such a consuming way of thinking and such a debilitating way of life that I have had to struggle with for so long. I enjoyed learning about hypnotherapy and focusing on the positives, my mind set has changed for the better and I feel like I can take on life again thanks to Steph - my hero! Claire Cox - 5*

I hit rock bottom and felt out of options especially on the NHS, Steph was absolutely brilliant, I had 6 sessions of hypnotherapy and I can honestly they saved my life, I felt hopeless and about to give up, working with Steph was life changing. I would say to anyone who is nervous or unsure it is something worth trying and allows your mind to focus. I cannot thank Steph enough and this experience has allowed me to take control again. Matt Palmer - 5*

Stephanie Waters is AMAZING! She is helping my daughter through anxiety and mental blocks with her gymnastics. I would recommend her for children and adults for hypnotherapy. Life is stressful but there is an escape. Thank You Steph. Lorraine - 5*

When I first met steph I was desperate for help! I’ve suffered with anxiety and desperation before but this most recent episode was by far my worst. I’ve not heard much about hypnotherapy but all I wanted was to get better so I had to try. From my first session where I was so low to how I was just six weeks later was amazing. Even just after the one session myself and my family had noticed a huge difference. I was looking forward to every session. I’d never felt more confident and in control before. It made me focus on everything good in my life. I’ve been someone who has struggled to sleep my whole life and now I’m even sleeping better. If your struggling with anything similar. Don’t be afraid. Try something new and you won’t regret it!! Thank you again Steph! Francesca Spicer - 5*

Steph at calm waters has changed my daughters life from the very 1st session! My daughter was overly shy and cried because she was scared of any situation, especially school! But now, although she is still a little shy, she can cope with a lot of situations and can get over problems with ease. It was the best thing I did for my 6 year old, it was hard seeing her suffer every day, but now I enjoy watching her confidence grow. I was never a believer in things like hypnotherapy, but the doctors wouldn’t pay much attention unless she was self harming! I didn’t want it to get to that stage! .... I am forever grateful to Steph and I know she will always be there if we need her again, but Sophia will miss her sessions with her brain fairy! Laura Carter - 5*

I decided to pay Steph a visit as a final straw because nothing else seemed to be working. I thought I was beyond help and a complicated client due to my vast issues. I have a condition called Fibromyalgia which causes chronic fatigue chronic pain and sleeping problems. I also suffer with stress anxiety and low mood. Steph made me feel comfortable and at ease in her care as well as normal. I had a few sessions and I can hand on heart say she has changed my life. I would be lying if I said I am fine and never have any issues now, because I do but not only has Steph helped ease my issues she has also taught me how to cope going forward. I am in less pain, I can actually sleep the whole night through and get to sleep in 20 mins (before I was up 5 times a night and took 2 hours to go to sleep), my confidence has shot up and I am generally happier with life and coping with everything. I cannot thank Steph enough and I would recommend anyone and everyone to try it out. You won't regret it. Hannah Swanborough - 5*

My life is good...I have a beautiful family and friends around me and I don't really have much to complain about.....BUT... sometimes life gets you down and things start getting overwhelming and a downward spiral of negative thinking commences. I started seeing Steph a while ago now and she is my little sparkle of positivity to keep me on the upward trend rather than down. She has taught me to manage my negative thinking. Every time I see her she allows me to see things in a positive perspective or in ways I would never have thought of. I have now reached all the goals we set. I can't Thank you enough. You rock..... Thank You for being with me through this journey. If you feel you could use a little boost of positivity in your life...Stephanie Waters at Calm Waters Hypnotherapy is your girl. Awesome! Victoria Knowler - 5*

I’ve seen Steph a couple of times but most recently to stop smoking/nicotine patches etc. After about 27 years either smoking 20 odd a day or scoffing nicotine mints like nobody’s business I’m completely convinced I am free of the crappy habit. In the past I have not managed a day without any nicotine and have been a very grumpy git!
I’m now 16 weeks down and it’s been pretty easy to be honest. I’ve not been tempted once and I don’t miss it in the slightest! If you’re serious about quitting the evil weed get your filthy lungs down to Steph ASAP, she’s awesome!

Glen Callaghan - 5*

I decided to try hypnotherapy after countless amounts of CBT for anxiety and anxiety related disorders. Steph is amazing and made me feel so at ease, I felt much more relaxed after even just a few sessions. She taught me about how the mind works and how to stay positive, and I can honestly say it has changed my life! Highly recommend! Leanne Bressington - 5*

Steph is warm and welcoming and put me at ease instantly. After seeing her for 8 weeks, I feel much more confident and now approach each day in a positive way. I left each session feeling amazing and able to tackle any obstacles with a happier and calmer attitude. She has given me the knowledge and techniques to enable me to keep on the right track to stay feeling content and optimistic. I would absolutely recommend her to help you too!. Nic Wood - 5*

Steph is very welcoming and puts you at ease straight away. Thanks to Calm Waters Hypnotherapy I have managed to overcome very bad anxiety and complete all the goals I set for myself. Steph has been incredible and her work space is calm and safe, which helps you to relax. I highly recommend her services if you have any problems you need to overcome or understand. Thank you Steph.. Sam Venables - 5*

Without the help of Steph and hypnotherapy I would not have been able to cope with a shocking family event. My anxiety was gradually getting out of control and within one session I was able to cope with the situation and turn my negatives into positives. Thank you very much for all your help.. Joanne Beale - 5*

Calm Waters Hypnotherapy has given me far better clarity at work and in home life. Steph's tranquil and compassionate approach made the experience very comfortable. If you're looking for better direction, clarity and support in life, I recommend speaking to Steph.. Danielle Grieveson - 5*

Steph is fantastic! She was so kind and reassuring from the very start. I had been struggling with anxiety and feeling low. Steph took the time to explain how hypnotherapy works and gave me a audio track to listen to every evening. Since having the sessions with Steph I am much more positive and feeling great! I would highly recommended her to all my friends and family. Thank you so very much! Mary Saunders - 5*

I have received a few sessions from Steph now and would 100% highly recommend her and Hypnotherapy. Relaxation hypnotherapy has definitely helped me with terribly stressful and anxious times. Tina - 5*

I have visited Steph several times now for calming hypnotherapy and would highly recommend it. I am a busy single mum so me time is almost non-existent but Steph really helped me to relax and just feel at one with myself. I felt very relaxed and calm for the next few days after my treatment and as able to cope with any situation life threw my way! I will definitely be back for more. Louise Steel - 5*

I had been struggling with sleeping for months due to stress at work. I had tried multiple other options and none had worked, I was extremely skeptical of hypnotherapy but agreed to try it out of desperation. After only a few sessions and listening to the recording every night for a few weeks I am now sleeping with no issues whatsoever. This has made an enormous difference to my life and I would highly recommend this service to anyone who struggles to sleep or is letting stress get the better of them. Oliver - 5*

As a hypnotherapy novice I was a little unsure about it & didn't know what to expect. Steph instantly made me feel safe & comfortable. Her explanation of the whole process was clear & thorough & she allows plenty of opportunity for me to ask questions to make it understandable. The hypnotherapy itself is very calming & relaxing & I found the whole process pleasant. Steph has always found the time to do our sessions at a time that is convenient for me. I feel we are on the hypnotherapy journey together. Steph is a fantastic therapist who really enjoys what she does. I look forward to continuing to see Steph to see how hypnotherapy can be used as an alternative therapy to support my mental well-being & day to day life. Mariane - 5*

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