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Hypnotherapy & Sport - from Underdog to World Champion!

Glen Catley & I

I was lucky enough and truly honored to meet Glen Catley this weekend as part of my hypnotherapy development training.

Despite always being slated as the underdog, and claiming he wasn't the best boxer by any means Glen became the World Boxing Champion In the 1990's and went onto win the the Super Middleweight title! Glen always managed to secure victory against all odds and had a secret to his success!....

"Regular hypnotherapy" Glen used Hypnotherapy regularly for a number of years to boost his confidence, motivation, focus, performance and also help him visualize his strategies as well as his success!

Not only does he fully believe his success was down to the hypnotherapy process, but he was so taken with the power of hypnotherapy that he subsequently trained to become a Solution Focused hypnotherapist himself!

Glen is a true inspiration not to mention a genuinely lovely guy with such a fantastic and emotion filled story.

To find out how Hypnotherapy can help you with your sporting performance, confidence or self belief, take a look at my testimonials.Take your first small step to a brighter future and contact me today!

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