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    Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help a wide range of issues such as;


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses a mixture of modern, practical, clinically proven and well researched strategies to help people make significant and positive changes in their lives.

The approach focuses on the present and the future and not on the past. We will discuss what changes you'd like to make and then focus on future goals and what you’d like to achieve. We will work together to remove obstacles and unhelpful patterns of behaviour.

I will start by explaining in detail how the brain works and how we can get trapped in unhealthy patterns and cycles. This will help a great deal in understanding how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can really work for you and how we can make those vital changes together.

From there we start to focus on the positive aspects of life and we’ll use relaxation and visualization techniques which will enable and encourage a positive shift in perspective.

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Stress

  • Panic attacks

  • Low mood

  • Sleeping problems

  • Addiction

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  • Tinnitus 

  • Pain management

  • Increase confidence & self esteem

  • Sports Performance

  • Specific Phobias, (flying, claustrophobia, spiders etc)

  • Dealing with traumatic life events

  • Quit smoking or Vaping


Stephanie Waters - Dsfh, AfSFH, cnhc