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Who else would like to gain closure on 2020? As this year draws to a close it might be helpful to look for closure on what has been an unprecedented and confusing time for us all. The start of a new year can be a such a great opportunity to look ahead, think about your goals and press the re-set button. But to do this well and with positivity, reflecting on what we have achieved, experienced and learnt can also be helpful.
Let’s be honest we’ve been through an awful lot! We have had to change, adapt and somehow survive, emotionally, physically and financially! It is easy to focus on what we have lost or sacrificed in the last year but this train of thought has a negative impact. Instead, I want to encourage you to look back and appreciate how you have risen to the challenges of 2020 and got through the year. Now is the time to give yourself credit for how you have adapted and coped, how you have managed to push through the ups and downs and how you have overcome the isolation and continuous changes.
Undoubtedly it has been harder for some. Those on the front line working in our NHS or risking their health to keep public services going have had to carry a huge burden this year. But remember whatever suffering you have experienced due to the pandemic it is real and valid.

So how can we gain closure and move forward into 2021 with positivity?
*** Identify some learning ***
The toughest times can be the most character building and I know 2020 has taught us many things about what really matters, what makes us happy and what elements of a slower life we should keep when things return to ‘normal’. For me, spending quality time with loved ones is something I won’t take for granted in the future.
*** Hold on to the highlights ***
Yes so much has been cancelled in the last year but I am sure if you think back there will have been some positive moments. For me it was working on our very untidy garden with my husband during the summer lock down. Having that extra time in the sunshine with my family was lovely and the garden wouldn't ever have been sorted and made into a space we can enjoy if had we not been in lockdown.
*** Set out some goals for the year ahead***
These don’t have to be big, just significant to you. We don’t know what 2021 has in store so it may be sensible to set small achievable goals. Perhaps you want to spend more time reading, getting exercise or trying something new, or perhaps you have goals for your career or business. I am determined to learn how to show jump next year (but I will buy a body protector first!).
Of course, life isn’t predictable and one of mankind's great skills is to adapt to the unforeseen but I think we can agree this year has really tested us all. The promise of a new year awaits and we can make it as positive as we choose to. I will be here offering any help I can to those wanting to give themselves the best chance of success, on social media, on my blog and by working with clients looking to make positive changes for a happier future. Wishing you lots of luck in all your endeavours.
Keep Smiling, Steph :)

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