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3 Ways Hypnotherapy can combat anxiety

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

1 - Learning how your brain works. #Knowledgeispower

Learning how your brain is operating is fundamental to overcoming anxiety….

We all go about our daily lives without really thinking or understanding what is going on in our mind. We seem to operate on auto pilot. Our actions and reactions seem to just happen automatically, making us believe it’s just who I am! it’s part of my personality…but that isn’t the case, these patterns of behaviour are absolutely changeable!

An important part of the Solution Focused Hypnotherapy process is to teach you, in a very simple way how your brain is working. Once we have an understanding of why we feel anxious and why we react in the way that we do, we have the power to make subtle changes for ourselves to break the unhelpful cycle. #breakthecycle

2 – Focusing on the positives! Positivity reduces anxiety!

Part of the Hypnotherapy process is to help you shift your mind set from the negatives to the positives. When your mind set is positive, anxiety diminishes.

Every negative thought has a silver lining; it’s just a case of learning how to find the positives and turning our focus to them.

It’s my job to teach you how to do this by using positive language, lines of questioning and cleverly designed exercises which enables you to use the most positive part of your brain, the more you use this part of the brain the easier it becomes and the mind set begins to shift! #shiftyourmindset

3 – Hypnosis / Deep Relaxation

#Hypnosis works by using deep relaxation. It’s very similar to guided meditation and is an extremely relaxing experience. When your mind is in a deeply relaxed state we have access to the subconscious mind. Using positive language, suggestion and metaphor we are able to create new neurological pathways in the brain, enabling you make the changes you wish to make in a relatively short space of time.

In Summary, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective and positive therapy, that tackles the root cause of anxiety and helps you to refocus your mind in a new and exciting way, enabling you to move forward in life as a happier, healthier more positive person.

If you or somebody you know would like to combat anxiety, contact me today to book your Initial Consultation for just £20!

After a friendly and informal chat I will explain in detail how your brain is functioning and how we can get trapped in negative patterns of behaviour, I will then explain in detail how Hypnotherapy will help you overcome your anxiety. Book in today, I would genuinely love to help you.

Face to face sessions are held at my practice in East Bristol, however, Skype sessions are available to anybody further afield.

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